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Prabha Materials Science Letters

ISSN: 2583-5114 . Open Access

Volume 2 (2023), Number 1 (March)

Enhancement in Thermal Properties of Organic Phase Change Material (Paraffin) via TiO2 Foam Doping

Neetu Bora, Deepika P. Joshi

Pages 1-15

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Rapeseed Oil-based Biodiesel as Lubricant: Frictional Force and Tribological Analysis

Yashvir Singh, Erween Abd Rahim, Nishant Kumar Singh, Abhishek Sharma

Pages 16-25

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Materials Towards the Development of Li Rechargeable Thin Film Battery

Jitendra Pal Singh

Pages 26-40

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Comparative Upconversion Emission Study of XWO4:Ho3+-Yb3+ (X= Ba, Ca, Sr) Phosphors

Anurag Pandey, Sumit Kumar, Vinod Kumar, H. C. Swart

Pages 41-47

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A Short and Technical Review on Lattice Structures Produced by Additive Manufacturing

Mehmet Tayyip Ă–zdemir, Mehmet Erdi Korkmaz

Pages 48-61

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