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Prabha Materials Science Letters

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Editorial Board Members


Jitendra Pal Singh

Department of Physics, Manav Rachna University, Faridabad, India.
(Former Senior Project Scientist Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Pohang-37673, South Korea).
Research Areas - Magnetic Materials, Energy Materials, Biomaterials, X-ray Imaging, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy.
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Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Vinod Kumar

College of Natural and Computation Science,
Dambi Dollo University, Dambi Dollo, P.O. Box-260, Oromia Region, Ethiopia.
Research Areas - UV Spectroscopy, Photoluminescence, Materials Science.
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Advisory Editors

H. C. Swart

Department of Physics University of the Free State,
P.O. Box 339, Bloemfontein, 9300, South Africa.
Research Areas - Nanophosphors, Luminescence, Cathodoluminescences, Surface Characterization.
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Keun Hwa Chae

Advanced Analysis and Data Center,
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 02792, Republic of Korea.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Sciences, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, Ion Beam Applications, Synchrotron Radiation.
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Marco Bettinelli

Laboratorio Materiali Luminescenti,
Università di Verona and INSTM, Verona, 37134, Italy.
Research Areas - Luminescence, Lanthanide Ions, Crystals Spectroscopy, Energy Transfer.
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O. M. Ntwaeaborwa

School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand,
1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein 2050, South Africa.
Research Areas - Phosphors, Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Solar Cells, Chemistry.
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A. Sakunthala

Faculty in Physics, Department of Applied Physics,
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore 641114, Tamil Nadu, India.
Research Areas - Polymer Electrolytes for Energy Devices like Batteries and Supercapacitors, Alternative Battery Technology, Nanomaterials for Energy Applications, Electrical Studies on Materials for Energy Applications.
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Amarendra Dhar Dwivedi

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science,
Y. N. College, J. P. University, Chapra, Bihar, India.
Research Areas - Green Chemistry, Water Treatment, Biomimetic Materials, Nanotechnology.
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Ankur Solanki

Department of Physics, School of Technology,
Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Research Areas - Perovskite/Organic Solar materials, Artificial Intelligence.
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Dang Duc Dung

Multifunctional Ferroics Materials Lab., School of Engineering Physics,
Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet Road, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
Research Areas - Magneticferroelectric and Thin Films.
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Dibya Prakash Rai

Pachhunga University College,
Mizoram, India.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics.
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Indrani Coondoo

Department of Physics & CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials,
University of Aveiro, Aveiro, 3810-193, Portugal.
Research Areas - Ferro/Piezoelectrics, Multiferroics, Nanostructures, Thin Films, Polymers, Ceramics, Energy Harvesting, Electro-/Magneto-calorics; Energy Storage.
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Jai Prakash

Department of Chemistry,
National Institute of Technology (NIT) Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Research Areas - Materials Chemistry, Functional Nanomaterials, Ion Beam Modifications, SERS, Photocatalysis (Energy and Environmental Applications.
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M. S. Dhlamini

Department of Physics, College of Science Engineering and Technology,
University of South Africa, Johannesburg, 1710, South Africa.
Research Areas - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Surface Science, Nanophosphors, Energy, Material Sciences..
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Mohan Chandra Mathpal

Instituto de Física,
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Casilla 306, Santiago, Chile.
Research Areas - Plasmonic Metamaterials, Conducting/Semiconducting Thin Films, Graphene-based Noble Metal Nanoclusters and Composites, Dye-sensitized Solar Cells, Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) Defects in Nanodiamonds, Heterostructures, Sensors, Oxides Nanomaterials, DMS and Magnetic Nanostructures, Optoelectronics Nanomaterials, Structural and Optical Properties of Hybrid Nanostructures for Superior Energy Harvesting Applications.
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Munish Kumar Gupta

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
Opole University of Technology, Opole, Poland.
Research Areas - Composite Material, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy.
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Associate Editors

Chandan De

Materials Research Institute (MRI)-2D Crystal Consortium (2DCC),
Penn State University, State College, PA 16801, USA.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics Experiments.
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Fermin Fidel Herrera Aragón

Laboratory, of Magnetic Materials,
Institute of Physics, University of Brasilia, Brazil.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics; Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Technological and Biomedical Applications; Biological Physics; Thin Films for Biosensors Development; Study of Pharmacological Drugs for Long-acting Drug Release.
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Ganeshlenin Kandasamy

Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology,
Tamilnadu, India.
Research Areas - Magnetic Nanoparticles, Magnetic Hyperthermia and Drug Delivery.
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Gopeshwar Dhar Dwivedi

National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung,
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics, Magnetism, Strongly Correlated Systems such as Multiferroics, Perovskite Manganite Systems and Superconductivity.
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Jae Yeon Park

Radiation Research Division / Advanced Radiation Technoloty Institute (ARTI),
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), 29, Geumgu-gil, Jeongeup-si, Jeolabuk-do, Republic of Korea.
Research Areas - X-ray Imaging, Instrumentation.
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Jibrin Mohammed

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science,
Federal University Dutse, P.M.B. 7156, Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria.
Research Areas - Experimental Condensed Matter.
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Keval Gadani

Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE),
Gandhinagar - 382016, Gujarat, India.
Research Areas - Nanotechnology, SHI Irradiation, Condensed Matter of Physics. Thin films Devices.
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Madan Singh

National University of Lesotho,
South Africa.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics, High Pressure High Temperature, Semiconductor Nanomaterials, Material Science.
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Promod Kumar

Department of Physics,
University of the Free State, PO Box: 339, Bloemfontein 9300, South Africa.
Research Areas - Smart Nanomaterials, Plasmonics, Mie theory Simulation, SERS, XPS, TOF-SIMS, Nonlinear Optical properties: Z Scan Technique, Photocatalytic and antimicrobial Studies ((Energy and Environmental Applications), Water Splitting.
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Puneet Negi

Department of Physics, Akal College of Basic Sciences,
Eternal University, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Nano Science & Nano Engineering, Solar Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal Technologies.
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Qui Thanh Hoai Ta

Gachon University,
1342 Seongnamdaero, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si 13120, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
Research Areas - Sensors, Photocatalytic.
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Raba’ah Syahidah Azis

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science,
Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Research Areas - Material Science, Material Physics, Magnetic Materials, Ceramics.
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Ramdayal Yadav

Institute for Frontier Materials,
Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, Geelong, Australia.
Research Areas - Carbon Fibre, Green and Sustainable Technology, Composite Processing, Material Characterization.
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Shailendra Rajput

Department of Physics,
Chandigarh University, Chandigarh, India.
Research Areas - Energy Harvesting, Dielectric Materials, Piezoelectricity and Ferroelectricity.
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Sharnappa Joladarashi

Mechanical Engineering Department,
National Institue of Technology, Surathkal -575025, Karnataka, India.
Research Areas - Vibration, Damping and Composites.
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Sugato Hajra

Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering,
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Daegu 42988, South Korea.
Research Areas - Multi-ferroics, Metal Organic Framework for Energy Harvesting Devices and Development of Electronic Materials for Passive Electronics.
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Tran Thi Thanh Thoa

Scientist and Gran Writer, Aptagen LLC,
Pennsylvania, USA
Research Areas - Biosensors, Drug delivery technologies, Bomedical and in vitro Diagnostic Devices.
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Udai B. Singh

DDU Gorakhpur University,
Gorakhpur, India.
Research Areas - Ion induced Modifications in Materials, Plasmonics, Surface enhanced Raman Scattering.
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Vikas Baranwal

Graphene Research Labs,
Banglore, India.
Research Areas - Semiconductors (III-V), Graphene and it’s Derivatives, Accelerator Physics, Thin Films, Ion irradiation induced Modifications, Ion Implantation.
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Weon Cheol Lim

Korea Institute of Science and Technology,
Seoul, South Korea.
Research Areas - Materials Science, Ion Implantation.
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Assistant Editors

Abhishek Pandey

Mechanical Engineering,
ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, India.
Research Areas - Polymer, Nanotechnology, Materials.
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Abhishek Sharma

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Ariel University, P.O.B. 3, Ariel, Israel.
Department of Research and Development, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, India.
Research Areas - Energy Harvesting, Dielectric Materials, Piezoelectricity and Ferroelectricity, Mobile Robotics, Optimization.
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Ankita Ojha

Department of Chemistry,
Maharaja College, Veer Kunwar Singh University, Arrah, India.
Research Areas - Water Management, Wastewater Treatment, Nanocomposites, Photocatalysis.
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Ch Sateesh Kumar

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Technology,
University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Research Areas - Surface Engineering, Hard Machining.
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Deepika P. Joshi

G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology,
Pantnagar, India.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science (Nanomaterials).
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Dipak Bhowmik

Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur-208016, India.
Research Areas - Ion Beam Induced Materials Modification, Surface and Interface Study, Periodic Nano Pattern Study on Solid Surface, Band Gap Engineering by Low Energy Ion Beam.
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Duraisami Dhamodharan

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
Chonnam National University, South Korea.
Research Areas - Polymer Nanocomposites, Energy Applications, CO2 Conversion, Nanocomposites Preparation and their Environmental Applications..
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Saurabh Singh

Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA.
Research Areas - Condensed Matter Physics.
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Subhajit Nandy

Korea Institute of Science and Technology,
Seoul, South Korea.
Research Areas - Ferroelectric Photovoltaics, Multiferroic Materials, Magnetism, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy.
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Vibhor Kumar

The State University of New Jersey,
Piscataway, USA.
Research Areas - Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Ion-solid Interaction, Material Interfaces, Power Devices, Schottky Diode.
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Vishnu Chauhan

Materials Research,
GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Darmstadt, Germany.
Research Areas - Nanotechnology, Materials Engineering, Thin Films and Technology, Oxide and Nanocomposites, Low - Dimension Nanowires, High and Low energy Ion Beam Irradiation and Materials Characterizations.
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Early Career Editors

Ajeet Kumar

Department of Chemistry, University of Florida,
Gainesville, Florida, USA. USA
Research Areas - Photochemistry, Supramolecular Materials, Self-assembly, Photoswitches, Synthetic Organic Chemistry..
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Deepika Thakur

Biomaterial Engineering,
Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.
Research Areas - Nanomaterials, Biomaterials Engineering, Energy Harvesting, Triboelectric Nanogenerators.
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Gopal Niraula

Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Iowa State University, Ames, USA.
Research Areas - Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Hyperthermia, and Mechanobiology.
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Habtamu Fekadu Etefa

Department of Physics,
College of Natural and Computational Science, Dambi Dollo University, P.O. Box 260, Ethiopia.
Research Areas - Nano Particles Preparation, Characterization, Solar Cells, Dye Synthesized Solar Cells, Energy Conversion.
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R. Sagayaraj

Department of Physics,
St.Joseph's College of Arts & Science (Autonomous), Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, India.
Research Areas - Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, Multiferroic Materials, Nanoferrites, Magnetic Properties.
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